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The Clarion

The Clarion is a 12-string alto guitar. The body shape is based on the Pavilion Sweep reduced by 20%. The guitar has a short scale of 501.6mm (19 3/4") and is tuned A-A - a fourth above standard guitar tuning. The strings are all unison pairs and the instrument has a kind of mandolin tonality - clear and punchy.

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clarion front clarion backclarion obliqueclarion lyingclarion head
Scale length 501.6mm
Width at nut 48mm
Width of lower bout 320mm
Body length 408mm at maximum
Max. side depth 92
Finished in French polish or oil
Gotoh 510 machineheads or similar
Supplied with Hiscox case

Scale length and neck dimensions can be altered to suit individual taste.