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The Baritone
The baritone uses the same body size as the Pavilion, but has a longer scale length of 735mm or approximately 29". It is designed to be tuned B E A D F# B - a fourth below standard - with heavier string gauges. It will accommodate variations on this tuning.  Because the scale is longer than the Pavilion, but the neck still meets the body at the fourteenth fret, the bridge falls lower down the body, more or less at the widest point. This gives the bridge a relationship to the soundboard similar to that found on 12 frets-to-the-body guitars and makes for a sweet and deep sound.

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Scale length 735mm
Width at nut 45mm
Width of lower bout 400mm
Body length 511mm
Max. side depth 115mm
Finished in French polish or oil
Gotoh machineheads or similar
Supplied with Hiscox case

Scale length and neck dimensions can be altered to suit individual taste.