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Other Instruments

Occasionally I build instruments to order that don't fit into my usual categories. Here are a few examples (click the photos to enlarge).

The Laptop in Tasmanian blackwood. The top half of this guitar is based on the Weissenborn guitars of the 1920s and is hollow right up to the head. The lower bout is taken from my radial instruments and is braced radially. The body is about an inch deeper than the Wissenborn and it consequently has a sweeter sound. The guitar is used for lap slide playing and has a beautiful singing sound.

This is a pair of electric basses, a 4-string and a 5-string, using the same body template and materials - the maple tops were cut from the same plank. The bodies are alder, the necks birds eye maple and fingerboards pernambuco.

Semi solid electric guitar using Arbour body and head shape. The body is afromosa, that came from a shelf. It is built in a similar way to my flat top acoustic guitars and not carved as is common with this style. It has a solid block running down the centre. The neck is mahogany and fingerboard Brazilian rosewood. The pickups are TVJones Classics. This is my personal guitar and is great for blues.

3-course colascione with bowl back made from ribs of pear and maple. The soundboard is from a 200 year old square piano. The neck is maple with bone frets and the head is topped by  a carved horse's head. The dimensions were mostly derived from a Turkish saz. This instrument was made for minstrel, Dante Ferrara and can be heard on his CD, Bassadanza (Gargantua Records)

Flatback mandolin. Spruce top, yew back and sides, mahogany neck.

Hollow body electric with f-hole. Tasmanian Blackwood top on mahogany body. Custom made pickups. Oil finish.

Lap steel made for myself. Based on the shape of the acoustic Laptop (above) with mahogany body and holly fingerboard. The bridge was handmade by me and the pickup comes from an early 50s Fender steel. The knobs are old bakelite radio knobs.


Soprano (left) and concert (right) ukuleles.

The soprano is made entirely from reclaimed woods: soundbox is mahogany from old drawer-bottoms; neck is mahogany from a window frame; fingerboard and bridge are wenge from old flooring.

The concert is made from yew (yewkelele) with mahogany neck, and laburnum fingerboard and bridge.

Archtop mandolin in European spruce and maple.